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Altamonte Springs

Seminole County

Year Founded: 1920


Altamonte Springs became a haven for Northerners seeking relief from the cold winters. A group of Boston businessmen purchased 1,200 acres of high, lake-dotted pineland three miles northeast of what they called “Snow Junction” and formed the Altamonte Land and Navigation Company. They chose the name Altamonte because it means “high hill” in Spanish. They planned to build a navigable waterway between Altamonte’s many lakes and the St. Johns River . In 1883, they built a luxurious hotel on the shores of Lake Orienta. Springs were discovered on Lake Adelaide across the road from the hotel and the hotel erected a Spring House to pipe water across the road to the hotel. In 1887, the United States Post Office granted a name change from Snow Junction to Altamonte Springs.

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