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Seminole County

Year Founded: 1940Founded by: Hibbard Casselberry


Casselberry was originally a sparsely populated area in unincorporated Seminole County. Scattered with family farms, citrus groves and cattle pastures dating back to the 1880’s, these agricultural uses continued until people slowly migrated to the area.  An extensive fernery and housing development, known as Fern Park Estates, was established in the mid 1920’s. The city’s founder, Hibbard Casselberry, moved to the area in 1926 and purchased land to open a second fernery. He also developed the adjacent area along the new Dixie Highway. Expansion of the Casselberry development continued throughout the 1930’s. In 1940, the tax-free Town of Casselberry was incorporated which included parts of Fern Park Estates. Police, fire, parks and street lights were funded by a cigarette tax or voluntarily by the residents. The town continued to grow as new subdivisions were continuously platted, and on July 25, 1965, the town was renamed the City of Casselberry. It remained tax free until residents eventually voted to have property taxes in 1976.

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