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Brevard County

Year Founded: 1895


Cocoa was founded by fishermen very early in Florida’s history. In 1871, a post office was established at Magnolia Point, some two miles north of the area. There are two or three varying accounts of how the unique name of “Cocoa” came to be attached to the community. One says it came from the coco-plum tree, which grows along the whole Florida East Coast and is particularly profuse in the area. Another version says that while a group of citizens were seeking a name for the town, an old African-American woman standing near a landing at the foot of Willard Street received inspiration from the label on a box of Baker’s Cocoa. Still a third explanation involves the story of an old woman living along the banks of the Indian River who would supply hot cocoa to traveling sailors. All three of the explanations involved a little misspelling, as “cocoa” is a corruption of “cacao.” In any event, Cocoaites claim there is no other city in the world that bears the same name.

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