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Daytona Beach

Volusia County

Year Founded: 1876


The Timucuan Indians originally inhabited the region in and around what is currently known as Daytona Beach. The Spanish Crown laid claim to Florida in the early 1500s and later awarded Royal Land Grants to the British. It was from the purchase of these grants by northern American’s in the mid-1800s, after the Seminole Indian War of 1835, that the Daytona area began to become a permanent settlement. The name “Daytona” came to be by honoring the founder of the settlement, Mr. Mathias Day of Mansfield, Ohio. On the 26th day of July in 1876, the first town meeting of Daytona took place. At this meeting, the town was “officially” named and incorporated and held its first election naming a mayor (Rev. Dr. L. D. Huston), a common council of seven, a clerk and a marshal. Settlements were also being established near at hand during this same period. There were two colonies across the Halifax River from Daytona, one known as Seabreeze and one by the name of Daytona Beach. These three towns eventually joined forces and voted to incorporate into one city in 1926 known as Daytona Beach.

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