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Indian River County

Year Founded: 1911Founded by: E. Nelson Fell


The founder of the community was an Englishman by the name of E. Nelson Fell who, in 1910, acquired title to 118,000 acres in the northwest corner of what was then St. Lucie County. Mr. Fell and associates hired surveyors and engineers to plat the acreage into 10-, 20- and 40-acre tracts, which were offered for sale at $10 per acre. Upon its incorporation, Fellsmere was the first city in Florida to allow women to vote in city elections. Within a few years, Fellsmere became a planned city with streets, boulevards, alleyways, public parks, one-room schoolhouse and a store. The town was known for its experimental gardens. “Mere” is an Anglo-Saxon word, meaning “a body of standing water,” and probably refers to the St. Johns River a few miles west. The present city is located in the eastern end of the Fell development, which is now under the direction of the Fellsmere Farms Company.

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