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Miami-Dade County

Year Founded: 1925


The name Hialeah is of Seminole-Creek origin; haiyakpo meaning “prairie,” hili meaning “pretty.” The Indians would come out of the Everglades and the area’s high ground was used as a campsite on the way to Miami where they traded their goods. A settlement was established here in 1910 by James H. Bright, a Missouri ranch man, who transformed 1,000 acres of a 14,000 acre-tract into a grazing meadow for his herd of cows, with a year-round dairy industry in view. In 1917, Glenn H. Curtiss, of Jamestown, New York, pioneer aviator, collaborated with Bright in the building of a town on the banks of the Miami Canal and the cattle were moved further north. Today, the city has grown to include over 20-square miles and Hialeah is ranked as one of the top 10 largest cities in the state.

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