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Hillsboro Beach

Broward County

Year Founded: 1939


The town derives its name from the Earl of Hillsborough to whom the English Crown made large grants of land during one of the periods of English possession of Florida that alternated with Spanish ownership. In 1922, Herbert L. Malcolm (later a town commissioner for 10 years and mayor for two terms) bought land next to the Hillsboro Inlet and built a school. In 1925, he turned the school into a hotel, which became the present Hillsboro Club. The town was originally incorporated in 1939 and remained inactive until 1947, when it was incorporated by a special act of the Florida Legislature. The first meeting towards formal incorporation was arranged by Mrs. Marie McCollum and took place in February 1947 at the residence of Mrs. Ruth Markland. At a meeting held on March 4, 1947, Ernest Wooler was elected the first mayor. At that time, the town had 17 voters, nine private houses, four groups of rental cottages and apartments, and the Hillsboro Club. Highway A1A was an unpaved, sandy road. A narrow bridge, operated by hand, connected the town with Pompano Beach. The first Town Hall was a tiny wooden building at #957. In that time of war-induced shortages, it had telephone privileges, courtesy of Cap’s Place. The present Town Hall was dedicated in 1955

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