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Broward County

Year Founded: 1959


The original developer of Lauderhill was the late Herbert Sadkin, affiliated with All-State Properties, Inc. Planners of the town envisioned it as Fort Lauderdale’s sister city. In June 1959, by a favorable enactment of House Bill 2317, the City of Lauderhill became a reality. At that time, there were only eight homes in the newly developed area. The first officers, appointed by the governor, were Mayor Harold Wolk and Council members David Shapiro, Herbert Sadkin, Nathan Ringler and Jerome Wolk, who held office until the first general election was held on November 2, 1965. Officials of All-State Properties, Inc., the mayor and council members, and the community developers, held many meetings trying to select a name for the city. Mayor Wolk, a World War II artillery officer, found himself singing the caisson song, “Over hill, over dale, we will hit the dusty trail . . .” and eventually someone thought of Lauderhill to go with Lauderdale. The story is told that Lauderhill would be Sunnyside today but when developer Herbert Sadkin contacted his friend William Safire, the New York Times columnist, Safire said he disliked Sunnyside because it sounded like a neighborhood in Brooklyn. Safire, who had never visited Florida, liked the word play of hill and dale. Sadkin told Safire there were no hills here, to which Safire replied “there were probably no dales in Lauderdale either.” In 1995, the voters approved hiring a professional manager and, on October 1, 1996, James L. Pennington became the first city manager.

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