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Live Oak

Suwannee County

Year Founded: 1859Founded by: Unknown


Story of City's Founding

In 1857 construction began on an east-west railroad, known as the Pensacola and Georgia Railroad Line, across North Florida, and it was completed in 1861. Near the center of Suwannee County, close to the intersection of present-day Conner Street and Houston Avenue, this railroad passed a particularly massive live oak tree and pond. According to old histories, this was a favorite stopping point on an military road that from varying accounts began in Suwannee Springs, White Springs, or even Georgia, and led to the Gulf of Mexico. This military road was more commonly known as the Old Salt Road, because it led to Deadman’s Bay on the Gulf, a popular area for retrieving salt to be used for the preservation of foods. Settlers and railroad workers would stop at the large live oak tree to rest in the shade, eat their lunches, and water their horses. When asked where to eat, they would say to meet at "the live oak." When a railroad station was erected near the tree, it seemed only natural to call the station and the surrounding community "Live Oak."

Little Known Facts

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