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Marion County

Year Founded: 1913


Little has been recorded about the McIntosh area prior to the beginning of its development.  An account of plantation life in the vicinity of McIntosh is given in a diary kept by George Houstoun in 1851. Houstoun also writes of a plantation owned by Col. John Houstoun McIntosh which existed from the early 1820′s until its destruction by the Indians during the Second Seminole War (1835-1842).  A description of the Indians burning Col. McIntosh’s sugar mill is included in an account dating back to the time.  While several deeds record his ownership of lands around McIntosh, Col. McIntosh never actually owned the townsite. However, his colorful reputation while serving with the Georgia 4th Regiment during the Second Seminole Indian War, plus ownership of the plantation, may have suggested the name for the town.

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