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Ocean Ridge

Palm Beach County


In 1931 the Town of Boynton Beach (now known as the Town of Ocean Ridge) was created by an Act of the Legislature of the State of Florida. Prior to that date the area was part of the Town of Boynton. The 3 mile long by ½ mile wide area is located entirely on a barrier island and was originally settled by local Indians but most had been driven out by American soldiers in the Indian Wars.

In 1877 the Dexter Hubel family from Michigan settled in what is now known as Ocean Ridge and sold their property to another Michigan resident, Major Nathan Boynton. He was interested in establishing Colonies of Northerners on the east coast of Florida. By 1897 more northerners would visit the area and the Boynton Beach Hotel was built on the beach and became quite popular. Its guests would arrive by a small barge until the first bridge was built in 1911 at Ocean Ave. Since that time another bridge connects the town to the mainland, a bridge was built over the South Lake Inlet connecting the town to the north and then SR A1A to the south.

Building construction slowly began in the early 1900’s. In 1931, 14 property owners on the east side of the bridge eventually signed a petition to break away and create their own town and on May 16, 1931 the first Town Meeting was held and a temporary Town Hall was built. The first Town Hall election was held in 1934 for five Commission seats. In 1937 a contest was held to change the name and a resident, Marion White Bird, won a $100 prize by suggesting the Town of Ocean Ridge. To date Ocean Ridge currently has 1,700(+/-) permanent residents with an additional 1,000(+/-) seasonal residents and is strictly residential.

Story of City's Founding

Facts or Important Dates 1911 - First bridge to the barrier island was constructed at Ocean Avenue 1916 - A1A was built next to the ocean 1928 – Boynton casino built (where the City of Boynton Beach’s current public beach is located within the jurisdiction of the Town of Ocean Ridge) 1947 – Hurricane washed out A1A along the beach and was re-built at its new location further west 1962 – Ocean Ridge Town Hall Complex constructed at its current location 2007 – Ocean Ridge Town Hall Complex raised and re-built at its current location 2008 – New Ocean Ridge Town Hall (while under construction was hit by a ten seat, twin engine airplane) was completed .

Little Known Facts

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