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Pinellas Park

Pinellas County

Year Founded: 1915


A community called Pinellas was established here about 1864, deriving its name from what was presumed to be a Spanish word for “pine tree.” The entire peninsula that now forms Pinellas County was for long known by the Spanish words for “point of pines.” The word “Park” was added to the city’s name after it had become a center for the raising of citrus and other fruits, vegetables, sugar cane and flowers.

In May 1911, the Florida Association purchased 12,800 acres in western Hillsborough County and created Pinellas Farms. An area in Section 29 of Pinellas Farms was platted as Pinellas Park. In October 1914, Pinellas Park applied to the State of Florida for a charter. One was granted and adopted in May 1915, thereby incorporating the Township of Pinellas Park. The town prospered and the population grew to about 2,000 persons in 1925. By 1935, the Depression was being felt and, like many small towns, the people sought employment elsewhere.

Between 1935 and 1969, this small agricultural community grew in response to commercial development along its major roadways and the growth of St. Petersburg to the south. Pinellas Park was changed from a “town” to a “city” in 1959. Growth of the city continued and was facilitated by its prime location and abundance of industrial property. The city’s population grew from 11,000 persons in 1960 to 40,000 persons in 1985, a 264 percent increase in population, compared to a county growth of only 114 percent in the same period of time!

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