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Plant City

Hillsborough County

Year Founded: 1885


Plant City is named after the late H.B. Plant, one of the state’s early railroad pioneers and industrialists. The first Anglo-Saxon community at this site was established in 1846, but it had been the site of the Indian village, Ichepuckesassa, meaning “tobacco field.”

On Taylor’s map of 1839 the site is designated as Fort Fraser. The name was changed to Cork by an Irish post office official who fancied the conciseness. When the Sanford-to-Tampa section of the Atlantic Coast Line railroad was graded in 1883 by Henry B. Plant, the line passed through this district.

J.T. Evers at that time purchased a large portion of what is now Plant City, laid it out, and readily disposed of business and residential lots. He might have named the town “Eversville,” but insisted that it should be named after the railroad-builder who had released the community from isolation.

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