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Pinellas County

Year Founded: 1970


The city was formed in Seminole Mall, Sunday, November 15, 1970 at 5 p.m. when 895 pre-registered citizens attended a pre-town meeting and 823 voted for incorporation. At that time in Florida’s history, incorporation of a city under the General Laws of Florida required a two-thirds affirmative vote by at least 1,000 registered freeholders who were inhabitants. Seminole had 1,219 registered freeholders who were inhabitants, thus a successful incorporation required at least 813 affirmative votes. This vote had to be followed by another affirmative vote of 813 to elect a mayor and the council members. Seminole is the only city to incorporate under this January 1, 1968 General Law that was repealed several years later and replaced with the special act requirement for incorporation. The name followed the historical name of the Seminole Area of Pinellas County.

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