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Vero Beach

Indian River County

Year Founded: 1919Previously known as: Vero


The City was first incorporated in June of the year 1919 as “the City of Vero.” The first meeting of the City Council was held in Seminole Hall on June 12, 1919. Mr. A.W. Young was elected as the City’s first Mayor, Joseph Hill was appointed as City Clerk, and C.G. Redstone was elected President of the Council. In May of the year 1925, the City of Vero was abolished and was simultaneously reincorporated to be known as “the City of Vero Beach” when it was transferred from St. Lucie County to Indian River County. The new and current City Hall, located at 1053 20th Place, was dedicated on May 17, 1963 and the new Community Center was dedicated on January 15, 1966. The population of the City of Vero Beach in 1920 was 753 and it has grown to an estimated population of more than 15,000.

Story of City's Founding

Mr. Henry T. Gifford and his daughter, Nettie Mae, arrived in the fall of 1887 and are considered the pioneers responsible for selecting and first developing the present Vero Beach. The Gifford family, in search of a new home with good hunting and a healthy climate, traveled by train and boat from Royalton, Vermont. Mr. Gifford took out Homestead papers for 160 acres of land which comprises much of the present City of Vero Beach. Mr. Gifford cleared enough land for a garden, built a palmetto shack, a log cabin, and cleared a road to the Indian River. In the early fall of 1888 Mr. Gifford returned to Royalton, Vermont to bring the rest of his family to their new home. The small community gained the name of Vero when the Post Office was established by the Gifford family.

Little Known Facts

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