Lady Lake

  • Lake County
  • Year Founded: 1925


A village near here had been named Slighville. When the railroad came through in 1884 (a line from Ocala to Leesburg), the residents moved to this site in order to be on it. Railroad authorities wanted to call the place Cooper, but the settlers preferred a more picturesque name. The Indians had already named the local lake Lady Lake because of an unknown white woman they had found drowned in it and the town took its name from that. Legend has it that she was the wife of a hunter and walked into the lake because she couldn’t stand the solitude. In 1885, the first store was owned and operated by John Biles and a small portion of the store was used as the first post office. E.C. Huey became the first mayor. At that time, children in the community could attend the elementary school built in 1928. The town today is known as the “Gateway to Lake County,” since it is the first town in the county a motorist from the North passes through.