• Brevard County
  • Year Founded: 1869
  • Founded by: E.B.Arnold and George Damon


Many families settled in this area in the late 1880′s. E.B. Arnold became the Town’s first Mayor when Malabar was first incorporated in February of 1927. It was later dissolved by Special Law in 1935. Between this period and the subsequent incorporation in December 1962 the area was known as the Village of Malabar. When it was incorporated. in December of 1962 there were 120 registered electors at the meeting with 108 voting to incorporate. The incorporated name was City of Malabar but was changed to Town of Malabar soon after.

Malabar is a rural community of just over 11 square miles of large lresidential homesteads, well planned subdivisions, small and medium farms and some commerical and industrual. We are proud to have Harris Corporation’s manufacturaing facility here as well as Data Management and Krieger Publishing. Malabar’s Charter stated in the Preamble it is their desire to remain Rural.

Story of City’s Founding

In 1869 George Damon of New Hampshire and E.B.Anold and his two brothers from New York staked their claims to the bluff area overlooking the Indian River just south of s hidden sandbar known as Cape Malabar. Cape Malabar appeared on the U.S. maps around 1825, shortly after Florida was purchased from Spain. “Mal” is “bad” in Spanish. They built a log cabin and planted banana trees and orange groves. Capt. Edison Arnold took an exhibit of native animals up to his native state of New York in 1881 and met his wife and brought her back Their were eight original families of Malabar. On December 24, 1883 President Chester Arther named R.A. Ward Malabar’s first Post Master, thus getting gits first official post office and community name.

Little Known Facts

  • Malabar was incorporated twice 1927 and 1962.