• Levy County
  • Year Founded: 1925
  • Founded by: AF Knotts


Judge A.F. Knotts and Eugene Knotts founded the town in the early 1920s. Judge Knotts had planned the city of Gary, Indiana. They had a small fishing camp and a few houses, and hoped to start a community. They put out literature advertising the community under the name of Knotts. But in derision of the northerners, the southerners that lived thereabouts (especially Star route carrier Hugh Coleman) called the place Yankeetown. When the town was incorporated by a special act of the 1925 Legislature, that name was adopted. The word Yankee, for the sake of historical completeness, is a corruption that the Massachusetts Indians made of the word English. In the further interest of completeness, a sub-division laid out adjacent to Yankeetown has been named Crackertown.