Are Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Florida More Expensive?

You may be a Florida resident or someone looking to move the Sunshine State. As a routine procedure, you collect home insurance quotes Florida residents need by browsing the web. Florida is known for miles upon miles of beaches, hours of beautiful sunshine, nice temperatures throughout the year, and a very low cost of living. Why would home insurance quotes in Florida be so expensive?

Why are FL home rates expensive?

Are you aware that current Florida residents pay up to double the national average for homeowners insurance? The average rate of premiums here is only for the standard policy type. These policies will increase if you want extra coverage. Here are the reasons why coverage is expensive.

According to, it is more prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes. Living along the water will make your home insurance rates greatly increase. Other natural disasters in the state have caused reinsurance rates to remain higher. A higher frequency of natural disasters such as thunderstorms, hailstorms, and even tornadoes are the main cause of companies rising prices.

Another main threat of Florida is sinkholes. This is a big factor in increasing cost of coverage. The state of Florida has more sinkholes than any other state in the United States. Due to this new laws have narrowed the definition of damage caused by sinkholes. These laws require homeowners to pay more. Insurance companies have paid the most in sinkhole damage claims. Resulting in higher rates.

Is it possible to find affordable homeowners insurance quotes in Florida?

Now that we have covered that Florida is known for expensive rates. Let’s discuss how to find cheap Florida Home insurance quotes at You might find savings by taking a look at your current policy. Look closely at coverage you currently have and if you are receiving all discounts available.

If you want to start shopping to find affordable coverage, keep these tips in mind. Before shopping for homeowners insurance quotes in Florida, always know how much coverage you want beforehand. After determining your coverage level, you are ready to review companies and receive quotes. Make no mistake, this is a time-consuming process. Be sure to enter information as accurately as possible.

Always collect more than 3 quotes. You will not be able to save money on a policy by collecting less than three. The idea is to collect quotes and go with the best company that’s right for your budget.

However, if you would like to easily shop and compare homeowners insurance in Florida try getting your quotes at Florida Insurance Quotes here. All the best deals on the web are found here. They make it their mission to provide customers with prices that fit their budget. If you are in a hurry to start saving money, give it a try today!